Better late then never, right?

Lilac Garden Party With Modesty Top& VeilMay was a month of chaos between rl hospital visits, hunts (I love hunts) and my store suddenly not there …TWICE! and then..back, but even with the land tags I can’t tp in or fly from the landing spot…two days before the Silk Road Hunt 😦

Now I have a mini store, COVETED! 2 in an adult sim with the very adult items.

And for June, getting the issues fixed, and resetting up the WHOLE store COVETED! is a two story at Rag Dollz Island (moderate sm).


Hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks the sim where my store is supposed to be —will make it so not only land holders but CUSTOMERS can land there. COVETED! ‘s sister store will be sharing the place.

Last, but not least,  here are the new creations and COVETED!’s MP address:




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